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Batter Smashing a triple after using Sweet Relief to loosen up!

Sweet Relief, Inc. products are fantastic before sports or physical events and of course afterward to reduce muscle swelling and soreness.  

1)  Use Sweet Relief before working out, sports events to loosen tight muscles and joints to reduce (lower the risk) strains, tares, sprang's and can help increase performance.

2)  Use Sweet Relief after working out and sports events to reduce muscle soreness, bruising, pain (most feel relief in 1 - 2 minutes) and notice increased mobility and fluidity the next morning.  

3)  You will be so happy you used Sweet Relief before and after physical work outs and sporting events.

4) Moisturizing your dry skin without greasiness and enjoying Sweet Relief's tropical scent (aromatherapy) and reducing pain is why we named our product "Sweet Relief" .  Try it for yourself and when it works, recommend Sweet Relief to your friends and family.